Hans Christian Anderson
Great Danish story teller
and possible cannibal.


Denmark is one of the world's finest countries. There are no slums and poverty is non existent. All Danes have health care, good housing, a clean environment to live in, and get good education. The women are beautiful and the streets of Copenhagen are colorful and vibrant.

In July 1998 many newspapers published the results of a poll that measured human ignorance. The poll tested thousands of people on questions like; "What's a molecule?" (Only 11% answered correctly!) The poll discovered that only half of the interviewees knew the earth took a year to revolve around the sun and that early humans did not live at the same time as dinosaurs! These were the results for every country tested except for Denmark. Only the Danes scored lower on the worldwide ignorance scale!

When people think of cannibals they envision vicious barbarians living in remote cultures deep in far away jungles. However, anthropologists and historians, such as Will Durant, believe that, "Cannibalism was at one time practically universal." * We are all probably descendants of people who enjoyed human flesh.

But do not think that this cannibalism existed thousands of years ago in the stone age. Pulitzer Prize winner, and perhaps the 20th century's greatest historian, Will Durant wrote that cannibalism took place in Europe, in Denmark at least as late as the eleventh century.**

So what is it about the modern Danes that led them to build a beautiful and just society with the world's highest standard of living? Could it be that their ancestors had a little extra protein boost?

Copenhagen, one of the world's
most beautiful and livable cities,
was built by cannibals.

* Durant, Will: The Story Of Civilization, Vol. 1 Our Oriental Heritage, Page 10.
** Ibid.

The beautiful Queen of Denmark, Her Majesty Margethe. Descendant of Cannibals and possibly one herself.