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Delicious, nutritious meat products , now too expensive for billions of the world's poor, can be a future possibility for all!!

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 Dear Fellow Educated Citizen of the World,

If you are truly informed about the state of our planet you surely know that humans are reproducing at a rate that foists an additional New York City sized populace every month onto the world. Of course, over population's environmental effects are devastating the earth. Overpopulation is degrading the quality of human life. Because of the finite quantity of resources and food supply two thirds of the world's people will never enjoy a living standard that many enjoy in richer nations. But I want to point out something here: A poor quality life will not be limited to the third world. You can see right here in the United States that in the last twenty years there has been a profusion of homelessness and trailer parks (the American equivalent of shanty towns). This growth of the American underclass and the decline of the middle class can be directly tied to overpopulation. Countries like Mexico have overpopulated and thus impoverished themselves so much that they have come by the waves in search of a better life in the US. At the same time this immigrant increase to the labor pool and foreign lower wage manufacturing has kept down wages for all Americans. And, of course bigger populations use more finite resources and cause more pollution. Overpopulation in many ways is adversely affecting everyone, rich nations and poor. And it will only get worse.

I need not go over the detrimental effects that overpopulation will have and is having on our planet. There are hundreds of books and daily articles in the media. I wish to talk about something constructive: a solution to the population crisis. It's imperative that we do something or face possible destruction of the earth. But what is being done? Hundreds of population control programs are having some effect. These programs should be increased and continued, but sadly they are not doing enough. We need to do more.

We have come to a critical point. We must take action or risk destroying our planet and humanity. Our organization has a solution to the population crisis, but it will not be easy. In the face of the difficulties that confront us as humans and inhabitants of the earth I would like you to consider the possibility of consuming human meat. Before you have a knee jerk reaction, let's face facts. There are limited resources on earth. There is not enough food to provide an adequate diet for more than half the world. Billions face and are now experiencing famine. And billions of people, who aren't necessarily starving, will never fully develop mentally, culturally and physically because of an inadequate diet.

But there is an abundance of human meat. We are not advocating involuntary human slaughter. That is murder and that is wrong. But there are billions of people who live impoverished, miserable lives who would most likely give it up if the incentive were great enough. And these numbers are bound to increase. There are millions who kill themselves every year and their numbers are increasing because of the misery and hopelessness that they are faced with. Many suicidees are young –in their teens- when their meat is very tender.

We must overcome our cultural bias against eating human flesh. Meat is meat, whether it comes from a pig or a human. Andean airplane crash survivors and others have reported that human meat is somewhat like pork and is very tasty. Human flesh is also very low in fat and cholesterol - a quite healthy food product full of vitamins, essential amino acids and minerals.

We have this choice in the future: A very few can live well while the mass majority live in hunger, squalor and poverty, as the natural environment further erodes, with continued deforestation, and mass animal and plant extinctions. Or, we can offer attractive incentives for people to end their lives earlier and overcome our cultural bias' for eating human meat, so that the surviving human race can live in a beautiful natural environment, and have a healthy diet. We can also curtail animal extinctions and environmental havoc.

THE ORGANIZATION FOR ECO-ENLIGHTENED PROTEIN CONSUMPTION wants to spearhead research into what incentives would attract people to voluntarily end their lives. We all remember the movie Soylent Green when the government gave people a nice meal and a pleasant film with music of their choice before dying for food production. In real life we think that would be a unattractive stimulus for people to end their life. We would like to research the possibility providing a few weeks of sexual paradise with gourmet meals, (possibly even with human meat!) to get people to die. This may all seen expensive but the cost benefit analysis, i.e. the overall positive effect to society and the environment will be enormous. If we eat humans we will probably eat less pigs and cows which use up much water and crop land for silage, wreaking havoc on the environment. Plus there is the double advantage that for every human that is consumed there is one less human that will consume!

I hope you give THE ORGANIZATION FOR ECO-ENLIGHTENED PROTEIN CONSUMPTION a generous contribution so that we can have the possibility for a bright future. We will use the funds enhance the image of human meat consumption as a tasty, environmentally friendly, nutritious food product. We will lobby Congress to the advantages of implementing human meat production programs. Much work needs to be done for a better world. We hope you will join us and that one day human meat will be a tasty addition to your dinner table.


Yours sincerely for a future for humanity

Brian Friedkin


President Friedkin enjoys a delicious plate of arm with a nice Chianti. 

THE ORGANIZATION FOR ECO-ENLIGHTENED PROTEIN CONSUMPTION is the only organization that fights against over-consumption by advocating consuming the consumers!